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About Me

I'm a web designer, but that's not all...

Hey there, my name is Dmitry or simply, D.  Born and raised in Moscow, Russia.

I startеd playing with web design over sixteen years ago when my band needed a site. The idea of using a generic template didn't resonate with me, so I opened my friend's site in a code editor and realized that doing it manually brings much more flexibility. I finished the band's site and created one other and then life got busy for about a decade.

Everything changed when one of my friends asked for help with his web presentation. We started with a template builder and  frustration set in at not being able to tweak the things I wanted to in a precise way. Determined, I started learning web design and realized that although lots of trends have changed, the basics I learned back in 2000 were pretty much still the same. At the time, I was employed as a sound engineer in a music studio, so I decided to build a website for them.

When the project was finished, I realized that web design was the thing for me. From that decision onward, it was like magic. It's true what they say or so it seems, that opportunity knocks when passion ignites.

The idea of taking a blank sheet of paper, digital or not, and letting my imagination flow is both fascinating and truly fulfilling. Since then, I've worked with public speakers, photographers, fashion designers, travel guides, music bands and more. 

English being my third passion after web design and playing music ties in really well with my web design work because westerners can get a great product at a better price.

No worries about the distance - modern technology provides lots of options that facilitate live interaction via audio and video, instant messaging and screen sharing which I use all the time with my clients. So, in practice, it's even more convenient than a local designer because in an instant, I'm virtually visiting your office.

I feel it's really nice for my potential client to know who they are dealing with, so I've placed some photos and videos below so you can get  to know me better.

All the best, D.

Love For Music


My Hometown - Moscow

My favourite street in Moscow

Travel is My Biggest Passion!

‍Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa - 2013

Sri Lanka - 2013

India, Gokarna - 2014

Figeac, France - 2015

My Spiritual Side







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