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Hey there! Here you will find a list of audio and video equipment that I have tested with several clients. The general idea is to use Zoom H6 as a portable soundboard, the benefit of it is that it is compact, yet holds a lot of audio ports, supports compressor/limiter, pre-equalization. Very handy to travel with. Plus it has a lot of applications outside of live stream eg: Interview recording, recording your voice on the go for podcast and other field recording conditions.

All the mics are connected to the Zoom H6, we then use a camcorder or DSLR to capture the video and feed it into a capture box connected to the computer. There are many good web cameras out there, however they fall short in the crispness of the video. So you need to invest in a good camera however that will bring a big benefit to the video quality.

Zoom H6 is being connected to a DSLR or a Camcorder, and then we connect the camera to a capture box via HMDI cable which handles both audio and video.

Here is a detailed list of equipment (all green links are clickable and you can purchase it right off the bat):

1. Zoom H6 portable recorder / soundboard

2. Shure dual channel mic system  used to plug in speaker lapel or headset mic wirelessly, plus it has a wireless handheld mic for the audience. (if you only use one mic, here is a good alternative)

3. Elite core HS-09 headset mic - I don't suggest to use the lapel mic from the Shure set above, but to use these headset instead. It may look like over investment to buy a system with lapel included, but I have made the calculations and it is really the most affordable yet high quality combination.

4. Mic Adapter - If you need a third mic, this one connects to Zoom H6 and then we connect another HS-09 mic to it when we need an additional headset mic for translator or a second speaker. You need to turn on phantom power on Zoom H6 for it to work)

5. Panasonic HC-V770 Camcorder - this is not the only camera of course, however this is one of the cheapest in the 1080p section and it also records in a format that is easy to work with.  DSLR can make the picture even richer given it's cinematic and blurred background effects. You can contact me if you need to pick something like that.

6. Inogeni HMDI to USB capture card and this cable to connect to camcorder

7. Light Source - often may not be needed, however it can save you in dark light conditions to avoid grainy footage

8. Wirecast Play - Free broadcast software for YouTube with many awesome features. You only need to pay $10 if you want to remove the watermark (which I suggest)

9. You will need a rather powerful laptop for live streams. I recommend a laptop or a desktop with these specifications: 16Gb of RAM, core i7 processor and SSD drive(preferably 1Gb of video memory)

Here are few laptops I'd recommend, however you can contact me for more options.

Macbook Pro 13 inch

Lenovo P52 15.6 inch

If thats too expensive, I'd get at least this Asus Zenbook 14 inch

Below is a list of alternative cheaper solutions, plus additional cables and other stuff you will need:

1. Elgato Camlink 4K - cheaper camcorder capture device (it works the best with it's own software, not really compatible with Wirecast app, which I recommend to use to stream to YouTube, it still works but has it's limitations)

2. Alternative budget lapel mic (called Giant Squid) you can connect it directly to Zoom to XY capsule. If you need more than one mic, you will need this adapter to connect it to channels 1 to 4

3.Microphone power supply to connect the Giant Squid mic directly to the camera or other devices if you don't want to use the Zoom.

5.$5 solution to record two microphones without the Zoom. Details in this video

4. XLR cables to connect Shure wireless system to Zoom H6 (two cables in case you’re using dual channel system) , and also additional one of the same kind but longer, to connect additional headset directly to zoom

5. Evergreen 3.5 jack cable to connect Zoom H6 line out to camcorder mic input

6. Fast SD card for Camcorder (for Zoom H6 you can get a cheaper one )

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