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Landing Page / Single Page website

 from $600

Example: http://heilpraxisthiede.de/

 from $600

Complete Website

 from $1500

(responsive design is my benchmark)

Custom built website which includes logo design, blog, content management system, dynamic pages (for example audio or video wall that client is managing and website is creating pages automatically) etc. The exact price depends on the complexity of the project. 

Example: http://rogercastillo.org

from $1500


 $35 per hour

I am providing support for your existing Webflow sites, Wordpress and WooCommerce, sites built in Wix, Squarspace, Weebly, GoDaddy. Feel free to contact me about other platforms as well.

I can also help you with animated video titles, editing videos, arranging audio environments for your podcasts, recording and mixing audio, consulting on live broadcast solutions and equipment and other multimedia works, managing MailChimp and social networks advertising.

Below are examples of my media work:

Video examples

Audio environments / speech

$35 per hour

Other recurring expenses for your site you should keep in mind

Apart from web design work there are yearly expenses for hosting, domain name, email services etc.


$100-$200 yearly

If you want to have a static website without dynamically changing content (like blog or portfolio) we can host your site on any hosting. Price for good basic hosting is $8 monthly

In case you want to have dynamically changing content (blog, portfolio, collections, etc.) and to be able to edit images and texts on your site, I can empower your site with Webflow content management system (CMS) which requires a specific hosting, the price is $16 monthly. See the power of Webflow CMS in this video

$100-$200 yearly

Domain name

 from $12 yearly

What is domain name?

In both cases of dynamic and static website you can obtain any domain name or use one you already have. Prices for domain name start from $12 yearly

I encourage you to use Google domains for the ease of use, reliability and additional features Google is providing.

from $12 yearly

Email services

$0 - $120 yearly

In case you have obtained domain name through Google domains you will be able to link your business email (like mail@yourdomain.com) to your private gmail account for free.
In case you have obtained domain elsewhere we can transfer your domain to Google domains.

If you want more business benefits you may want to use G suite which is $5 to $10 monthly.

With G suite private ($5 monthly) you will get 30 Gigabytes of Google Drive storage, with G Suite business ($10 monthly) you will get 1 Terabyte Google Drive. For both private and business account you will also get video and voice conferencing capability, calendars, documents and more.

You can add additional alias emails which will be collected in your unified Gmail mailbox. For instance, mail@yoursite.com is your main email, and support@yoursite.com, sales@yoursite.com are your aliases.

If you need another user apart from you with a separate login and mailbox you can do so paying additional $5 or $10 per user per month.

$0-$120 yearly

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